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A woman’s body is full of mystery. The deeper a man goes, the more prominent O’s a woman feels. 

An orgasm is a holy grail. It is considered as a bliss to the female body. Have you ever wondered what does an orgasm feels like for every individual?

Nobody can say about anyone’s orgasms, but the one thing I can state about orgasms is that it all depends on –

  • how good your man is in foreplay,
  • how long he can hold himself,
  • how amazing he is in eating pussy,
  • and the last yes, size matters. 

What is an orgasm?

An orgasm is a reflex that happens when the female body tightens during sexual stimulation. Though most people think orgasms are purely vaginal, the female orgasm is more than that.

Now, I get it, being with wild and sexy orgasms is classified as a ‘sudden release of tension within the muscles and nerves, because of the climax of intercourse.’

What does an orgasm feel like?

So, what does an orgasm feel like it is a difficult question to answer. It varies from person to person. A woman, throughout her lifetime, gets to experience several types of orgasms. It might surprise you to know there are 12 different orgasms from nipple orgasms to clitoral, anal to squirting, and much more. Some orgasms are prolonged; some are so strong you’re shuddering for minutes after, and some might be quite weak, but equally enjoyable.

However, there are some common signs which a body shows when you’re about to reach a big climax or experience the sensational feeling. 

  • Chills or shivers
  • A warmth that spreads over the body
  • Tingling
  • Pulsation between the legs
  • Pressure building up in the abdomen which then releases and spreads like liquid warmth across the body
  • A build-up of energy
  • The same feeling as when you reach the top of a rollercoaster and then plunge down
  • A surge of electricity
  • Muscles are contracting, usually in the legs or toes, i.e., your leg suddenly goes completely straight!  

Orgasm is the purest form of love. It’s a wonderful feeling that can’t be replicated in any other way. 

How long does an orgasm last?

Now you know what orgasms feel like, the second question arises, how long does an orgasm last? It’s ultimately partners deal like how long they stretch and also depends on the mood or feelings of that particular day. 

According to studies: the orgasms may lie somewhere between a few seconds and a couple of minutes. The common reason a woman takes longer to zeal is stress and built-up tension. Moreover, it also depends on the thoughts which are juggling in her mind at that time. 

If you are doing it just for its sake, you will surely take longer to reach the orgasms. Else you are relaxed and enjoying the sexual moment; then, you may get an orgasm in seconds. 

Additionally, few women experience the ability to get multiple orgasms. Though it’s quite rare, and if you are one of them who has experienced multiple orgasms, you’re lucky, my darling. 

What are the multiple orgasms?

Multiple orgasms are way more common in women than men, that too for apparent reasons. Multiple orgasms result from the nervous system, maintaining that feeling of pleasure to the point where one orgasm rides into another. This is not one long orgasm; it’s the rise and fall of two or more, one after the other.

Achieving mythical multiple orgasms is an infrequent phenomenon. 

Final words!

Most women aren’t able to reach the climax because they stress out too much. Don’t be so paranoid, talk to your partner, what is hustling you, how you want to be treated on the bed, and everything which is stopping you from reaching the big O’s. 

So, I would say, forget the timescale. Think about what you like, spend some time relaxing your mind, perhaps the massage works. Don’t chase an orgasm that feels enjoy being elusive. If you relax, it will come, and so will you!

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