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Vegetarian Cookbooks: Meatless Passion

Vegetarian Cookbooks: Meatless Passion

For many people, giving up meat and fish is unthinkable. However, these inspiring vegetarian cookbooks prove that the kitchen does not have to be one-sided and bland. You don’t have to be a vegetarian to make your mouth water, I promise!


Jennifer Latuperisa Andresen

super fresh

“Simply made special” is the motto of the Australian bestselling cookbook author Donna Hay. She shows how you can quickly conjure delicious and healthy dishes from simple ingredients – simplicity combined with that extra. Her recipes are suitable for everyday use and tested under stress – just the right thing for us.

Green minestrone soup from Donna Hay's cookbook


Con Poulus

Super Fresh cookbook cover by Donna HaySuper fresh – Cooked quickly and easily every day by Donna Hay, 224 pages, €27, published by Gräfe und Unzer Verlag


My Little Green Kitchen

Sylvia Gervais prefers to take the ingredients directly from her small garden. We can do that too! This book offers many helpful tips and a wealth of great recipes for the small green kitchen. Pure inspiration!

Vegetarian dishes from the cookbook My Little Green kitchen


Sylwia Gervais/ Hölker Verlag

Book cover of My Little Green kitchenMy Little Green Kitchen – Harvest, cook, enjoy by Sylwia Gervais, 208 pages, €30, published by Hölker Verlag


Tanya vegetarian

Cooking vegetarianism not only corresponds to the zeitgeist but is also the everyday life of a top chef Tanya Grandits. This book contains recipes from breakfast to dessert. Always delicious, wonderfully seasoned, and guarantees a kitchen with heart and soul, vegetables, and taste every day.

Coconut muesli with passion fruit and vegetable pancakes


Lukas Lienhard, AT Verlag/ www.at-verlag.ch

Tanja vegetarian book cover Tanja Vegetarian – Favorite green recipes for every day, easy & enjoyable by Tanja Grandits, 336 pages, €34, published by at Verlag


Vegetarian home cooking

No way – in Germany, there are only schnitzel, currywurst, or knuckle. This cookbook proves that a purely vegetarian and classic diet is feasible and delicious. From Käsespätzle to Schnüsch, Saxon potato cake to Friesentorte, vegetarian Rhenish Sauerbraten to mushroom patties with mashed potatoes: in this veggie cookbook, nothing is left to be desired; and all without meat. A great tribute to home.

Vegetarian onion cake from the cookbook Vegetarian home cooking


Anna Plumbaum

Vegetarian home cooking book coverVegetarian home cuisine – local food for the soul without meat by Susann Kreihe and Anna Plumbaum, 192 pages, €24.99, published by Christian Verlag


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