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twin flame test

Twin flames experience themselves as One, two halves of the same soul. The feeling of oneness is fantastic, a great bliss that makes everything in your life seem better. It is a love that is deeply spiritual, divinely blessed, meant to be, and fully alive on the emotional, physical, intellectual, sexual and psychic levels. Perhaps you have met someone and are wondering if this person is your twin flame.  Here is a 20-item twin flame test that will quickly help you to decide.

How to Score: If you agree with the statement, give the relationship one point.

Twin Flame Test #1  You both feel like you have known each other forever.

This can occur in your very first interaction!


Twin Flame Test #2  Both of you have this profound sense of coming home when you are with this person.

You feel relaxed and like they are family.

Twin Flame Test #3  You both feel like you were born to love each other.

There is a sense of destiny to the relationship.

Twin Flame Test #4   He or she completes you at the deepest level, makes you whole again in a way that no one else can.

The relationship feels different than any other. Not out of neediness but that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Twin Flame Test #5 You both  feel a special bond that is more intense than any connection you have ever felt before.

The relationship feels like the most important one of your life.

Twin Flame Test # 6  Both of you can be fully real and authentic.

You can deeply feel your feelings and share even your most private thoughts.

Twin Flame Test # 7 Often you both have the same thoughts, reactions and feelings to things.

Your partner may just come out and say exactly what you are thinking. A mind-meld, as it were.

Twin Flame Test # 8 There seems to be a psychic connection.

You can sense your partner psychically—know what they are thinking, what they are feeling, or if they are having a problem.

Twin Flame Test #9 There are signs and synchronicities in your relationship.

For example, one of our clients managed to message and engage her twin flame on, even after he deactivated his account!

Twin Flame Test #10 There is an overwhelming pull to be together, to be in each other’s presence, to be intimate, to be fully sexual.

It is almost like a magnetic or gravitational attraction that is overpowering.

Twin Flame Test #11 Often both of you are focused on the other.

You plan and dream for and with each other.

Twin Flame Test  #12 Your partner often knows what you really need before you do.  And he or she is happy to fill those needs.

For example, he can tell if you need to eat before you realize it.  And he delights in getting you a great meal.

Twin Flame Test #13 When you make love you can telepathically please each other.

For  example, you may be kissing and wanting to be stroked in a certain juicy area of your body, and without you saying anything, your partner does it perfectly!

Twin Flame Test #14 When you make love, lust and love commingle together and it is exquisite on every level.

Which means that making love with your twin flame is light years away from having sex with anyone else, even if that other person is a hottie.  And this strong  chemistry does NOT diminish over time.

Twin Flame Test #15 You feel like you simply can’t live without your partner.

You cannot imagine your life without  them.  And just thinking about losing your twin flame is painful to the point of being unbearable.


Twin Flame Test #16  If you break up with your partner you feel like you want to die.

Because this person is like the other half of you, when you lose them, you may get extremely depressed.  Please note, if this is happening to you right now, definitely seek help.  Have a free coaching session to help you deal with the situation.

Twin Flame Test #17   The bond you share is so powerful that it fuels commitment to work on the relationship when there are challenges, fights and other obstacles.

Your love can overcome even insurmountable challenges. And this process of helping each other grow makes each of you a better person.

Twin Flame Test #18 Your soul gives you the message: YES, this is my twin flame.

When you go inward and become still, your transcendent intuition gives you a profound sense of rightness.

Twin Flame Test #19 Your relationship feels sacred, or blessed by the Divine.

There is a profound spiritual quality about your love for each other.  It makes you both feel more connected to All-That-Is.   And even other people can sense your deep, divine connection.

Twin Flame Test #20. You have a sense that you have shared previous lives together.

In the past, you may not have been lovers but the relationship was special and intimate.

Twin Flame Score Key

So now I want you to add up your number of points, which is equal to the number of times you said ‘yes’ to a test statement.  If you get a score of 15 or more, chances are very high that you are with your twin flame.  If your score is 10-14 there is a better than average possibility that this is your twin flame.  And if the score is 9 or below, this is probably not your twin flame.

But these are only estimations based on years of clinical work and observations of thousands of couples.  As you get to know your match and things unfold in your relationship, it could get better or worse!  You may begin to see this person more and more as your other half.  Or just the opposite could occur.  So if there is a trend of growth in the relationship, where things are getting better, more intimate and more satisfying over time, hang in there!

“When you find your twin flame you also find your freedom, for there is nothing more exhilarating, wild and free than absolute soul love.” — Melody Lee


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