Why are there quarrel between husband and wife

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Why are there quarrel between husband and wife?

Today we are going to tell you some of the reasons which become the cause of quarrel between husband and wife. Knowing them is good for keeping your relationship strong.

A husband-wife relationship is a relationship of love and wrangling. In which the two love each other so much that even the debate and the petty fight between them does not affect their relationship. But there are some things that directly cause a quarrel between husband and wife.

Today we are going to tell you some of the reasons which become the cause of quarrel between husband and wife. Knowing them is good for keeping your relationship strong.

So let’s know about the reasons for the conflict in the husband-wife relationship. There are many reasons behind the fight between husband and wife.

The Main Reason Of quarrel Between Husband And Wife are:

He stops giving Surprise

Shortly after marriage, the husband stops giving surprise to his wife. In such a situation, women feel that their partner has changed, which leads to a quarrel between husband and wife in the relationship.

No leave

The wife often complains that her husband does not take leave from the office. This little thing often becomes a cause of quarrels between husband and wife.

End of romance

When a husband and wife become parents, they obviously end their romance. But let us tell you that this also causes quarrels between them. Lack of equal love in a relationship is a cause of quarrel between husband and wife.

Giving more time to Friends

It is right to have fun with friends after the holiday, but it is wrong to not give time to your wife. Not spending quality time with the family leads to a quarrel between husband and wife.

Do not put the things to the right place

Women take great care of the cleanliness of the house and expect the same from the partner that she should at least keep her things in the right place. If this does not happen, there is bound to be a quarrel between the two.

Same dish every day

Men do not like to eat the same type of dish every day, but women have a problem with what to make new and new every day. This problem also causes a quarrel between the husband and wife.


Ego is the most important reason behind a quarrel between husband and wife. Adjustment, compromise, and sacrifice are some words that can save quarrels between spouses after marriage.

The two persons involved in marriage come from different backgrounds and different living standards. Therefore, it is necessary to live with love, care, and understanding.

Nature to doubt

Confidence in a relationship between spouses is very important. Doubt, cheat, such words lead to quarrels between husband and wife. Working outside, befriending others, sowing seeds of doubt among each other.

It is foolish to doubt your partner for everything and cause a quarrel between spouses. It has been observed that many marriages have reached the verge of divorce due to this senseless nature.

Physical intimacy

Even in the 21st century, there are couples who do not want to talk about sex. If sexual desires between the partner remain dissatisfied, it becomes the cause of anger, quarrels, and differences between the spouses.

My dear friends, busy life in today’s world has separated the physical demand of the partners.

To support and care for common issues, the person expects their partner to be good in bed as well. Physical intimacy between couples takes the relationship to another level.


Raising children is a major concern of every parent. Children are the source of married couples. Typically, there are many debates between couples over raising their children.

Arguments are associated with values, morality, discipline among their children. Sometimes, fights between husband and wife increase due to not being responsible for their children.

Previous relation

Everyone has a past in their lives and people try to come out of it. There have been instances where spouses begin their fight with a different issue and drag and dig into each other’s past.

This tendency to drag pre-causation into relationships disturbs the present and future of marriage and causes quarrels between spouses.

Final Words

Fairy tales are not the truth of life. There can be no romantic moments in any relationship, but this does not mean that it will only be spent in bad times.

Fights are things that deepen your relationship. A person should know the limits of every relationship. The husband and wife should know when to do things to make things right.

Fights between husband and wife The factors mentioned in this article seem small, but yes, it slowly destroys your relationship. You should talk with your partner.

If there are problems, find the problem; But don’t make it big. Sometimes the problems are very minor, but our way of handling it messes everything up.

Why are there quarrel between husband and wife

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