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Pulitzer Hotel Amsterdam: Dutch Elegance

Pulitzer Hotel Amsterdam: Dutch Elegance

Pulitzer Hotel Amsterdam: Dutch Elegance

12 narrow canal houses once formed the floor plan for the oldest five-star hotel in the Dutch capital of Amsterdam. Today, the Pulitzer Amsterdam welcomes guests to a luxurious labyrinth of 25 canal houses. Walk-in!

It nestles just a few minutes from the Anne Frank House Pulitzer Hotel Amsterdam like a chameleon between the magnificent Prinsengracht and Keizersgracht in the busy ones 9 streets – as the district is called in Dutch, where tourists and locals alike stroll, take photos and drink coffee. The hotel’s facade is so discreet that you almost walk past the hotel entrance when you arrive.

Inside, guests are greeted in the open lobby. Here, elegant velvets in shades of blue and purple dominate, and antique gold picture frames frame prints and paintings of the Golden Age.Antique interior reinterpreted in the lobby of a Dutch five-star hotel

Pulitzer Amsterdam

A hidden gem in the heart of the city

Walk-behind the lobby Pulitzer Garden past. The interior, a mix of marble, gold and green velvet, gives the hidden gem an Instagrammable touch and attracts a young, hip crowd. A healthy breakfast in the morning, a delicious cappuccino in the afternoon and a delicious portion of pasta with a glass of wine in the evening – the perfect place to unwind after a long day of sightseeing.

Behind the garden, the café opens a friendly courtyard where hydrangeas thrive, and seating invites you to relax (or even work)—an oasis of calm in the middle of the Dutch capital. The inner courtyard is surrounded by a labyrinth of 25 narrow canal houses from the 17th and 18th centuries. In which little house is your hotel room located?

Pulitzer Amsterdam

A colourful home

The rooms and suites are as individual as the individual canal houses are (all of them once individual houses, by the way). They feel like a home away from home—a colourful, lively home, including wonderful canal or garden views. Between the elegant and historical elements, the antique furniture, there is always a nice splash of colour in embroidered cushions, colourful bedspreads or floral paintings. 

If you set the alarm clock early to get something out of the day in Amsterdam, you will also find it challenging to get out of bed because they are incredibly comfortable in the Pulitzer Amsterdam!Music Collector's Suite at Pulitzer Amsterdam

Pulitzer Amsterdam

The four themed suites are inspiring. Bookworms should – if the wallet allows – a night in the Book Collector’s Suite Reserve. When do you usually have a small private library in your hotel room? Books, not your thing? How about staying in the Music Collector’s Suite, Art Collector’s Suite, or Antique Collector’s Suite instead? The suites are simply exceptional! 

We are speaking of extraordinary. There are strange things in the “minibar” in one or the other hotel. Here is a bike repair kit. After all, we are in the Netherlands! And the Dutch theme is reflected throughout the hotel: Dutch tiles at the reception desk, antique bicycles on the room walls, Rijksmuseum-style paintings (well, almost!). Of course, one or the other Stroopwaffel in the room should not be missing.

Have we already raved about the beautiful bathrooms? A dream made of marble, with fragrant beauty products from Le Labo. Yes, city trips are usually fully timed. Our tip: Take time for a relaxing bath with a glass of red wine.The bathrooms in the Pulitzer Hotel Amsterdam are a dream made of marble

Pulitzer Amsterdam

Jansz delicious and trendy

Where the coffee was sipped in the morning, Eggs Benedict ate, and city guides rolled around, in the evening you hike into the Hotel restaurants Jansz tasty compositions over the kitchen counter: burrata with pine nuts, aubergine and a hint of lemon. Ravioli with Cavolo Nero, garlic and nutmeg in brown butter. 

Afterwards, dark green velvet sofas and armchairs invite you to drink in the Pulitzer’s Bar. Hopefully, you can still get a seat in the trendy bar. You might want to reserve a table here, particularly on the weekends (this also applies to the restaurants, by the way). How about a fruity Concrete Jungle Bird with martini Fiero, guava, lime and grapefruit or rather a classic Negroni? You can order typical Dutch Bitterballen or a portion of oysters if you like. City trip par excellence!

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Pulitzer Hotel Amsterdam: Dutch Elegance

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