How to Text a Guy

How to Text a Guy

How to Text a Guy

Texting is a completely different game for speaking in person or on the phone. You actually have to say things a little differently when texting rather than talking.

The five flirt text messages that I am going to share with you are part of what I call the text chemistry system – a secret technique that will switch to a person’s strongest desire and crave it for you.

Along a few lines, these texts ignite the visual mind of any man, stimulating his lust and desire, even if you are different from one another.

Ever been completely stuck about what a man has to do?

Or sent a text (or more than one!) And got a cold, emotionless reply or, worse, never heard back?

Any man who knows how to act confused and frustrated what a man has to do.

In our cellphone-obsessed world, the few words you write in a text message can be the difference between winning her heart and putting it on her permanent ignore list.

Now, when it comes to texting, there are some things that immediately trigger a man’s curiosity, interest, and desire. And there are also lessons that are a total turn-off and guarantee that you will never come back. Today I am going to give you the inside scoop on both!

How to Text a Guy

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His focus is the key to making a person fall and make him mad.

When you really attract a person’s attention, he can’t stop thinking about you
And when you’re with him, his mind practically clings to you
when he looks at you, Then it will be her wish to bathe in the scorching sun.

And when you are separating… He is constantly thinking about where you are, what you are doing, and what you are thinking.

I am sure when you go crazy with someone you experience something similar. When you are with him during a room, regardless of what percentage of people are around.

Your brain constantly monitors where it is and who it is lecturing. When you’re not with him, you start wondering where he is and what he’s doing … and you’re secretly hoping that he’s thinking about you too.

Now – most people think that our minds fix on a person because we are dissatisfied with them. But the other is additionally true.

The more you think about someone … the more you pay them … and the more “in love” and you become with them.

So once you know how to grab a person’s attention and get him to believe it uncontrollably, you will never have full control over it in a way that is not possible.

There are some distinguished scientists who attract the attention of GRAB.

For example, things like curiosity, cliffhangers, and incomplete information are tools that make a person crave to understand more…

Hollywood screenwriters have an equivalent of triggers to attract viewers to their films and force them to focus for hours at a time.

These psychological triggers, which indicate to me that HOOKS are extremely powerful … as they tap directly into the main target system of a man’s brain.

And to make her wonder about you… to believe you… and to keep you focused… whether you are right ahead of her… or you are miles away.

(And here is a hint: I have given you several “extreme signs” in this article to read to you) … It all leads me …

How to Text a Guy
How to Text a Guy

You can use these hooks to get a man’s attention

Feelings of affection, fascination, and passion for you.

Suddenly, he won’t be ready to control your sudden urge to fantasize about your whole day. And that, for your own reasons you seem to find out, you will keep, and you will want to kiss before you have never been kissed.

This creates a “positive feedback loop”, which makes his mind constantly wonder what you think of him, when you will respond to him, and when he finds you out …

To this woman you are the real “OBSESSION!” it is said.

And as soon as you understand these three simple facts and use my simple text messaging system, it wouldn’t be surprising if pretty men start calling you, texting you, and asking you on more dates …

If your ex comes crawling on fiery coals, you won’t be shocked…

And don’t be surprised when the person you’re currently with – despite his coolness, indifference, and insistence on being committed – calls you out of the blue, tells you how much he loves you, and makes you so Shows the affection that you just thought was just Hollywood fantasy.

How to Text a Guy in 2020

It is a lot to trigger a person’s desire to be magnetically attracted to you. The key is to turn on something called its Hero Instinct – a powerful concept that when understood allows any woman to exercise a fundamental desire of her male.

An instinct that is stronger than his desire for sex! Read this guide to find out more. I think you’ll find it both helpful and paradigm-shifting:

How to Text a Guy

In this ‘how-to’ video, you’ll learn a special type of text message you can send to a man right now that will unlock a hidden, insatiable desire for you.

It is psychologically designed to make him obsessive over you. crave you. And you like that he has never been in love before.

It does not matter if you are in a relationship, or if you are trying to get your ex back…

This lesson will work in almost any situation and you will be surprised and amazed at how effective it is.

So if you want to learn this powerful text message, watch this short video to the very end… you may be surprised by its end!

The best ways to attract a man through the text are:

  • Ask open ended questions: Ask questions that require more than a one word answer or that require him to elaborate- ex: What is something you like to do for fun? Try to avoid yes or no questions if at all possible.
  • Be Unpredictable: Don’t jump every time he texts or calls. If you’re in the middle of something, wait until you’re done and then answer. If you are always freely available, there’s no fun in chasing you.
  • Be Flirty: Winking emoticons, witty teasing, friendly banter, they’re all in good fun. Show off your great sense of humor but keep it tasteful….don’t be mean.
  • Avoid Sexting: It is NOT attractive and sending him racey photos will not reel him in. Keep your standards high. Guys like a girl who respects herself.
  • Be Confident: Talk to him like you would any other friend. Easy and relaxed
  • Let Him Initiate: Don’t be the one constantly reaching out. Keep it low key and give him the chance to win you over. No matter how much you like a guy, only give as much as you get. If you start sharing your feelings and get mushy too early, you’ll freak him out. Wait until you two are an item for all of that.
  • Keep it fun, keep it Positive: Maintain a positive tone. Don’t whine and complain about your issues. That is very draining.
  • Mirroring: Pay attention to his texting style and start mirroring it. People like people who are similar to us and mirroring works! Ex: He uses abbreviations: UR, 2 NITE, U, TTYL, GTG,etc, he uses punctuation: ….., ???, etc)
  • Do Not Text A Novel: if your text is longer than the length of your thumb, save it for a phone call or face to face conversation.
  • Don’t over do the LOL’s: We get it, it’s funny. But don’t text LOL after everything you say. Don’t over do emoticons either or let them be your only response.

I hope these help!

 attract a man

How to Text a Guy

Let me give you the real answer.

  1. Take a long time to reply you cannot come off as too available.
  2. he has to think he is working hard to get you. You make him wonder what you’re doing. You gotta make him think that you have better stuff to do so when you do reply he feels like he’s special.
  3. don’t be so clingy.
  4. Try not to triple text.
  5. don’t send nudes unless you want to have sex with him.
  6. don’t use a lot of emojis.
  7. Be yourself.
  8. Stay away from typing long paragraphs (nobody wants to read that).
  9. have him share some of his music with you.
  10. Do not expose or express YOUR FEELINGS about him right away.
  11. Don’t let him know everything about you right away. You need him to chase you.
  12. Ask him questions about his passion.
  13. Don’t be the first to say “good morning” through a text.
  14. have him teach you something.
  15. Post crypt messages on your social media to confuse him. Like “I’m just chasing the money” or “money makes me horny” or “it’s you I want not them” … etc. Post screenshots of songs that shows how you feel.
  16. if possible get to know his friends.
  17. Have a low profile. Be LOWKEY.
  18. Follow your dreams.
  19. if he leaves you on “read” don’t text back. PLEASE.
  20. Don’t call him. Unless he starts calling you first.
  21. Be confident.
  22. ACTUALLY believe that he is yours. So the universe can give that to you.
  23. don’t seem desperate.
  24. don’t have back-up guys or option “B” guys. (You can if you want but that’s more work)

Good Luck 🍀


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