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Those who have never experienced good orgasms may never get to know what it is like to achieve blissful orgasms. These women are always curious to know – what is an orgasm? What sex positions to try to acquire a mind-blowing orgasm? What it’s like to have multiple orgasms? Do both the partners need to put in equal efforts to achieve an orgasm?

There can be hundreds of thousands of questions related to orgasms, might be running in your mind.

In this article, we take a deep dive into the world of Big-O.

What is an orgasm?

An orgasm is an intense sensuous excitement that happens during sexual activity, resulting in rhythmic muscular contractions in the pelvic region. The orgasms include a discharge of accumulated erotic tension. 

Not all women get to experience sexy orgasms. Even though they’ve had plenty of sex, their bodies just don’t want to cooperate and give them that blissful feeling. Not every woman gets to experience orgasms. Medication, stress overload, and lack of communication are some of the reasons for not encountering orgasms.

Stats say that only 5% of women can reach the ‘stairs of heaven’ (orgasms), and the remaining 95% only enjoyed the voyage. That has become the reason many women are investing in high-quality sex toys (vibrators & dildos), mainly the ones that can stimulate both G- spot and clitoris. 

Honestly, achieving wondrous orgasms is an entirely alluring feeling. When a woman gets to experience an orgasm, it calms her mind, satiates the body, and of course, strengthens the relationship bond with their partner.

How to achieve an orgasm?

Orgasms are pretty much a difficult thing to explain. One can narrate how to have a good orgasm and what happens to a body when you achieve an orgasm, but nobody can describe what an orgasm feels like or what sparks a body feels when the intense orgasm is attained. Orgasms are such a euphoric feeling. 

Orgasms affect one’s entire body. Excellent foreplay is inescapable when it comes to intimate excitement – sexy kisses from the neck to toe, biting buttocks to spanking, licking pussy with doing fingering simultaneously; this kind of foreplay is worth it enough to send vibrations to the entire body. 

Here’s Exactly How to Have Your First Orgasm If You’ve Never Had One

After stimulating foreplay, it’s time to roll on the central part. Love each other like there isn’t another day. Never stop trying to experiment with different sex positions that give deep penetration and stimulate the G spot and clitoris at the same time – that’s one way to get orgasms. 

Just relax: 

The very first thing you need to do to experience a breathtaking orgasm is to relax. Now you probably think you are already relaxed! I am talking about the mental state; until your mind is not in a stable situation, and crazy thoughts won’t stop popping, you never experience the orgasms. 

It feels like soft music is playing, the perfect rhythm is between the two of you, and with every touch, the connection is getting stronger. 

A glance at your internal feelings:

Orgasms are just not physical; one needs to feel them from inside also. When a body gets to experience an orgasm, two chemicals named serotonin and oxytocin release are love and cuddle hormone, secreted from the pituitary gland of the brain that gives you a sense of euphoria. One won’t feel THAT is happening; the entire body feels an intense sensation. 

Distinguish the different types of orgasms:

Well, yes, there are multiple types of orgasms. You may not have felt them, but you should know which orgasms were that? The most common types of orgasm a woman generally feels are g-spot orgasms, clitoral, a-spot, a cervical orgasm, and for men, the prostate orgasm.

Wrapping Up!

Well, I hope this article, up to an extent, briefs you on what is an orgasm, and how does it feel like? What sensation do orgasms pass in the body?

That’s true the time after the orgasm hits, a body becomes much more sensitive and raw. One will feel more relaxed and in a state of peace. This isn’t necessarily a direct part of an orgasm, but someone who’s never had one still wouldn’t know what this feels like.

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