How To Get An Ex Back By Being a Friend

How To Get An Ex Back By Being A Friend

How To Get An Ex Back By Being A FriendĀ 

Can someone be friends with their Ex-boyfriend or girlfriend? If you are thinking the same, then we are going to tell you about how to befriend your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend, how to keep friends with an ex and the advantages and disadvantages of friendship after a breakup.

It is said that love is easy but friendship is difficult. After the breakup, often the lover girlfriend wants to do this difficult task i.e. friendship with his former partner lover or girlfriend.

However, psychologists believe that if a person accepts his mistake and extends the hand of friendship before you, then accepting it is not a wrong thing. But sometimes you may also face emotional damage.

In modern times, people believe in forgetting and forgiving and reconnect. If you think the same then in this article we are going to tell you how to befriend your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend and what are its advantages and disadvantages.

Table of contents

  1. Try to communicate to be a friend of an ex
  2. Give Time to do friendship with Ex
  3. Talk about becoming friends with ex by phone or Text
  4. Friend offer after a breakup by wishing ex a happy birthday
  5. Accept the Fault to do friendship with Ex
  6. Benefits of friendship with an ex
  7. Disadvantages of friendship with ex-boyfriend/girlfriend

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Try to communicate to be a friend of an ex

Once you are separated from each other or have a breakup, communicate with your boyfriend or girlfriend if you want to be friends again.

Whether he meets you in college, in a canteen or in a mall, try to talk to him.

How To Get An Ex Back By Being A Friend
Get An Ex Back By Being A Friend

But keep in mind that it should only be for you to know his / her friendship with you and not for the reasons that caused your breakup.

This can increase the chances of a re-friendship with an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend.

Give Time to do friendship with Ex

It is often seen that most people do not forget their partner after the breakup. They do not want to live in the same relationship with him again but aspire to make friends.

If you also want to do this, they offer friendship to your partner and give him enough time.

Make it clear that you will only be friends and not a boyfriend or girlfriend. This will give both of them personal space and increase their chances of friendship.

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Talk to be a friend with ex by phone or text message

The means through which you talked to him while you were in a relationship with your boyfriend or girlfriend.

Use the same mediums to befriend an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend again. That is, you send a proposal of friendship by calling or messaging your lover or girlfriend.

He may not have forgotten the bitterness of this relationship yet, but he will definitely consider your friendship proposal once so that you can see a ray of hope and you can find a new friend.

Birthday wishes to do friendship with Ex

Usually, it can be a good idea to befriend each other again on the pretext of wishing for birthdays or festivals.

Lovers or girlfriends never forget each other’s birthdays, even after a breakup.

So if you are thinking of extending the hand of friendship again, then congratulate him on his birthday and if you do not dare to propose friendship then send a message in the card.

Since both of you have been in a relationship for a time, it will not take much time to accept the offer of friendship by an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend.

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Accept the Fault to do friendship with Ex

There is a saying that one hand does not clap. Yes, the meaning of saying yes is that your breakup may have happened due to your mistakes along with your partner.

If you want to make your partner your friend after the breakup, then you have to accept your mistake.

You extend the hand of friendship, but also apologize for your mistake in front of her.

Your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend may be ready to befriend you while you are down to earth.

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How To Get Back Your Ex
Get Back Your Ex By Being A Friend

Benefits of Being Friends with Your Ex

Can someone stay with friends with their ex-boyfriend or girlfriend? It is believed that while you are in a relationship, it is difficult to talk about your feelings but you are free when your relationship gets out of that equation.

Befriending an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend helps you talk openly about the reasons for the breakup and become stronger.

  1. One great advantage of friendship with an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend is that he is already understanding you better. Due to which he is quite different from your other friends. Even if you are not in a relationship with him now, what happened but you can share his important things and get advice from him.
  2. You can enjoy friendship with your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend. Because you don’t have to spend time knowing where he likes to hang out and what he likes to eat. Whenever the two of you are together, the joy of that moment will be different.
  3. A friendship with an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend reflects your maturity. A certain level of maturity is required to maintain a healthy friendship with your former partner. People sometimes just fall apart at the wrong time. Raising the hand of friendship is an introduction to prudence.
  4. The benefit of friendship with your former partner is that now your relationship is not the same and this new friendship is free in which no one cares about the rest and does not create resentment on each other’s antics. is. He is just a friend and your personal life is different than that.

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Side effects of Being A Friend with Your Ex

It is generally believed that if a person befriends his ex-boyfriend or girlfriend, then there are more disadvantages than benefits.

Let’s look at some important aspects and know what are the disadvantages of befriending a former partner.

  1. It is believed that the pain of breaking the relationship is very deep. If you befriend your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend, it may take you a long time to forget him or recover the old wounds.
  2. The disadvantage of friendship with an old partner is that he can stare into your personal life as before and rule over you again and you will not be able to do anything you wish.
  3. On the pretext of friendship, your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend may try to knock the door of your heart again. Due to which you were once a victim of depression, today the same can force you to come into a relationship again.
  4. Your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend knows everything about you and even knows your secrets. After befriending you, he can also befriend your friends and tell them everything about you or can open the secret of your personal life.
  5. Since he has become your friend now, he can insist on going to your house and can also take advantage of this opportunity wrongly.

How To Get An Ex Back By Being A Friend

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