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Culinary delights in the Czech Republic 2022

Culinary delights in the Czech Republic 2022

Culinary delights in the Czech Republic 2022

In addition to good snow conditions for skiing and cross-country skiing, winter in the Czech Republic also promises exclusive culinary delights that round off a sporty day in the cold. Reisen EXCLUSIV knows where you can enjoy hearty stews and soups. And if you particularly like Czech cuisine, you can cook our two favourite dishes and Bohemian dumplings at home.

Czech cuisine is diverse, so more and more holidaymakers can experience this. The CzechSpecials label was founded, which presents Czech cuisine in all its regional diversity and modern interpretations of traditional cuisine.

Kulajda in the Bohemian Forest

The Šumava, the Bohemian Forest, is the ideal holiday destination for everyone who likes skiing, skating, cross-country skiing, active relaxation, and loves good Czech food. If it’s wintry outside, then the famous dill soup »Kulajda« in Hotel Vydra in Srní is just the right thing to warm up. By the way, kulajda is cooked in different versions – from the Bohemian Forest to the Giant Mountains and in the Moravian Jeseniky Mountains.

You can find mushrooms in the woods because mushrooms are the be-all and end-all of Czech soups. The well-known meal is supplemented with potatoes, sour cream, poached eggs and various spices. Here you will find the recipe for the kulajda to cook at home.

Kulajda - soup after skiing in winter in Czech Republic

Bohemian dumplings everywhere

They are one of the most popular side dishes, and not only in Czech cuisine. Bohemian dumplings were once served as the main course in poorer regions, such as the South Bohemian »Drbáky« and the Bohemian Forest »Bosáky«. Today they are classified as high-calorie and unhealthy – but they are so delicious! Don’t you know how the dumplings are made? Here you can find the recipe for the Czech dumplings.

Bohemian Forest in Czech Republic in winter

The queen of soups in the Giant Mountains

Krkonoše – the Giant Mountains – is the highest Czech mountain range. The Sněžka is the highest elevation. Six kilometres away is Pec pod Sněžkou, one of the most popular ski resorts in the Czech Republic. Anyone who has been skiing here all day will be delighted with the hearty stew »Krkonošské kyselo« after a long ski trip in the cold winter air.

This regional specialty made from potatoes, mushrooms, scrambled eggs on onions and sourdough for thickening is particularly tasty in the Hotel Horizont’s restaurant. But the queen of soups, as the stew is affectionately known, is easy to prepare. The soup is made from risen brewer’s yeast, mushrooms, caraway seeds and potatoes, along with onions, butter or lard and scrambled eggs. 

Czech cuisine after skiing

Culinary delights in the Czech Republic 2022

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Culinary delights in the Czech Republic 2022

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