A wife never changes her husbands’ habits

Every person has some good and some bad habits. It is said that many habits of men change after marriage. But there are some habits that women never change. Know the wife could never change these habits of her husband.

But when we have to live with another person or our spouse under the same roof for a lifetime, then we have to change our habits for this otherwise these small habits cause fighting in the house.

Some people change their habits on their own, but wives believe that husbands have some habits that they have to bear throughout their life.

If you want to know about these habits, then in this article, we are going to tell you that what habits of husbands wives never change.

Table of contents

  1. A wife never changes her husbands’ habit of leaving a wet towel on the bed
  2. The wife never changes the husbands’ habit of sticking to a cricket match
  3. Wife Never change her husbands’ Habits to compare with his mother
  4. A wife never changes the husbands’ habit of not going shopping together
  5. Wife Never change husbands’ Habits to help her in work
  6. Wife Never change husband’s Habits to make excuses for in-laws

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A wife never changes her husband’s habit of leaving a wet towel on the bed

In most households, the habit of leaving the husband on a wet towel bed after bathing often leads to an altercation between the husband and wife, but even then, the habit of the wife does not change her husband’s habit.

Actually, it is not a day but a daily habit. When the wife repeatedly says or convinces the husband heals but leaves the wet towel on the bed again the next day.

By the time the wife comes out of the housework to fix her room, the towels start smelling and the bed is also wet. Anyway, everyone knows that bacteria grow very fast in wet towels.

For this reason, the wife wants to put her used towels in the sun after bathing. But the husband never does this and the wife never changes this habit of the husband.

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Wife Never changes husbands’ Habits of watching a cricket match

On the day of the cricket match on TV, the husband gets captured on TV. The husband lies down or sits and watches cricket and during that time constantly keeps asking the wife to eat some snacks.

All work aside and cricket matches on one side. During this time the husband is not meant by anything in the world and he forgets everything and just watches the match.

Whether it is to bring the child home from school or bring some goods to the market, the husband also gets this job done by his wife or someone else but does not want to leave the cricket match and get up.

All the wives are troubled by this habit of husbands but despite millions of efforts, they are unable to change this habit of their husbands.

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Wife Never changes her husbands’ Habits to compare with his mother

It is said that no matter how hard the wife does something for the husband. The husband’s habit of finding a deficiency in it never ends.

Whether the wife makes food or any dish, the husband always compares the wife to her mother, saying that my mother makes better than you, the mother wears sweaters better, the mother does these things better.

The husband does not even think for a moment without putting all the efforts on his wife’s hard work, and the husband’s habit of comparing himself to the mother, again and again, breaks the heart of the wife and starts spoiling her good work.

It is often observed that most husbands have a habit of comparing mother to wife. But the wife never changes this habit of her husband.

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Wife Never change husbands’ Habits to deny the shopping

Most husbands go to the market with their wives or take them to shop seems a waste of time.

Despite knowing this habit of the husband, the wife tells the husband a month in advance to go shopping.

Initially, the husband says yes, but when it comes time to leave, he says go away with the child or your friend, I do not have time.

A study has found that married men like shopping more with their friends or shopping for a friend’s wife than their wives.

But when it comes to taking his wife for shopping, he first makes every possible move, or says, go shopping next time or next Sunday.

This habit of husbands keeps wives very upset but never change it.

A wife never changes her husbands
A wife never changes her husbands’ habit

Wife Never changes husbands’ Habits to help her in work

It has often been observed that most husbands do not help their wives in household chores.

In fact, such husbands are of a different mindset and they feel that it is the job of women to manage the house.

When his wife is ill, he orders food from outside but never tries to try his hand at food.

Apart from this, they also send their wife to the parents’ meeting in the child’s school by pretending that there is more work in the office and the wife has to go to pay the school fees.

Whether to prepare the child for school or to give breakfast to an old member of the household on time, the husband wants his wife to become a superwoman and do all the work without her help.

This habit of husbands’ wives does not change their age.

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Wife Never changes husbands’ Habits to make excuses for in-laws

Most husbands have a habit of not attending any party, wedding, ceremony, or any of the demanding functions of their in-laws and always make excuses for not working more in office, meeting, or being discharged.

Apart from this, he also never goes to his wife to leave the maiden and asks her to go alone or send the maiden with someone else.

It is a habit of his wife to do evil to his family and they keep taunting the wife on every matter.

The wife forgets all this and, thinking that her husband will go to her mother’s house, she will feel good, her husband tells her again but the husband starts making excuses again. Changing this habit of the husband is very difficult for wives.

A wife never changes her husbands’ habits


Everyone believes that when a girl comes into the life of a boy, there are many changes in him.

He begins to accept all the things of his partner, but there are some such values ​​in the boys which she never changes. Whatever she tries to do for this, she fails.

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