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Rough Sex’ the name itself so appalling, that it will take you to experience an all-new level of raw sex.

Whatever you see in movies or read in books about rough sex, chances that you may have found it painful and will never deem of trying it.

For the ones who really enjoy it, knowing an occasional round of rough sex can increase the desire in a relationship, even the pain they experience is thrilling and intense. Couples who indulge more in rough sex have high sexual liveliness.

What is Rough Sex?

Rough sex is a sexual act of lovemaking which involves pain to increase sexual pleasure. Some couples find sensual sex – pleasurable while it’s tame for others.

One of the sexiest things about rough sex is you’re able to show your brute strength and lust at the same time to your partner.

Rough sex is very subjective. Chances can be you’re more into passionate sex, but your partner desires to go erotic. Then what will you do? One must understand all the nuances of having passionate lovemaking, and the best to enjoy is by knowing each others’ limitations and capabilities.

Eight ways to have tantalizing rough sex.

“Rough sex is sexual arousal beyond penetration, and it’s the sexual arousal that’s brought about by aggression.”

Scream and yell:

Sex is pleasurable. One should feel the intense love and reveal the sensation with kisses and kink. But, when it comes to erotic sex, one has to be a sexual screamer. Rough sex should be arousing, wild and mind-blowing, that it will make you shed your vocal inhibitions. You will feel more relaxed and carefree.

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Nibble and bite:

Imagine, your love is clawing at your back with his nails, spanking you hard, licking your nipples, being dominant, biting you like an animal to make love. It all heightens the sexual experience for both of you.

Pull each other’s hair: 

Erotic sex is all about pain with pleasure. The extreme pain you bear, the more sexual pleasure you will experience. And, the desire of getting more roughed up can be enhanced by pulling each other’s hairs. Grab your lady love’s hair right above the scalp, and tug at it. Hold the grip tight and show your aggression and wilder side, the pain she will feel is more pleasurable and enormous.

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The hot spanking:

Spanking is the poster boy of rough sex. It is one thing in sex that arouses sexual intimacy and can awe a girl in no time! Spanking is painful, but deep down, your lady loves to get a hard smack on her bare bottom. So go right ahead and smack them until they turn deep red.

Fantasizing and role play:

The words you choose play a significant role in setting the mood for free sex. Hence, use them wisely. Wrap your partner in your arms and whisper something dirty that you always intend to do with them. It can be anything like seeing your partner in a sexy nurse or army costume; either you can fantasize about a situation like two drunken at the party or two strangers meeting the first time. Make sure the things which you are fantasizing about-turn on your lover’s mood instantly.

Aggressive movements:

Love each other like there’s no tomorrow! Make your love movements to-and-forth dynamic that it will turn both of you on. Indulge in arousing foreplay, play with each other’s genitals, and by the time you know it, you’ll be all roughed up and ready for a wild, rough time in bed!

Tie your lover up:

Bondage-Dominant-Submissive-Masochism is a kind of pleasurable sex that gives complete control to one partner’s hand. Additionally, it’s all on partner how they would like to play. Either by tieing hands or legs with handcuffs or using restraints, to spankers, ticklers, and floggers.

Fluffy white handcuffs hanging at a bedside

Adult toys for better rough sex:

Incorporating adult toys is a whelming way to take that road into rough sex. Anyone can try their hands on sex toys; they are majestic and work wonderfully. So, if you want to take your rough sex game to a hugely pleasurable level, perhaps sex toys are the way to go.

Here’s a wrap!

Sensual sex is all great and dandy as long as both of you are having a fabulous time. Make sure to have an open conversation before jumping right to rough sex like who will play the dominant role? Who will be submissive, and so on? Significantly, two of you take control similarly while having harsh sex.

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